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Making Your Community Feel Smaller

Sub-Groups create communities within communities, helping people find friendships

As new people join, let them get plugged in from day 1

Members can create* Sub-Groups, taking effort off of leadership

*Admin has the ability to remove any Sub-Group

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Your Community Needs More Hugs, Not Screen Time

Memories are created in-person, creating true friendships

With busy schedules, allow members to get together on their own time

Increased turnout at community wide events with members

Ease the pressure off of leadership to coordinate every event

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Increase participation. Not noise

Members only receive messages for invites they decide to 'Join'

Eliminates the never ending group chat

Keeps the solution extremely quiet

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Helping you turn your organization into a welcoming community

Additional Sub-Groups help members find their unique fit

Verified accounts prevent rogue ones from being created in your name

Branding your portal to increase credibility

Ready to turn your ogranization into a thriving community?

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