Frequent Asked Questions

How can I send a quick announcment to my group?

You can do this the same as an invite. Just change the subject to "announcment", enter your details and select your group/subgroup to send to.

Am I able to invite more people to the invite?

Yes! You can add more groups/subgroups to an existing invite. When you add them, they will have the option to join, just like when you receive an invite today. This helps bring differnt communities together that may have never met.

What if I can't make an invite?

Easy, you just delete it. You don't have to worry about missing the next one either. If you already joined an invite but can't make it, just follow the same steps as you would if you were going to delete it.

I don't see a subgroup that fits me. Can I add one?

Yes! Subgoups were made so people can connect on what their passionate about. Sometimes those subgroups haven't been created yet so you can add your own. Just make sure to tell others about it so they can join it.