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It can be hard to break into a new community.

We make it easy

Why SocialUp? Hear from the CEO

I walk through your doors for the first time, now what?

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How can I find others like me?

We are all unique, and we naturally bond over things that are important to us, but who here can I share that with?
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How do I get involved?

We want to help but don't know where to start. Not having deep relationships to reach out to makes that more difficult
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What if I can't find friends?

If we don't feel like we belong, we will search other communities where we do
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We live in a connected era but we are truly disconnected

Social media was supposed to connect our communities, but...

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It has actually made us less social now

It's easier to be behind a screen than share an experience with people in real life
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A hug has now become a "like", a "comment"

We are hardwired for human interaction. Putting it behind a screen has consequences
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Only 7% of words can be communicated online

The other 93% comes from tone and body language. Imagine what is getting lost?
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Let's get back to the basics

Our solution is simple but our impact is vast

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Making communities feel smaller

Since communities can be quite large, we use subgroups to help people find others they can build friendships with
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Designed to get together in real life

No more pressure to plan large events to bring people together. Members begin to self-organize on their own time, creating real friendships, all in the name of your community
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Having fun building relationships

Deeper relationships come from sharing experiences. As relationships grow, so does the bond in the community
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Just think of all the things we can accomplish

The impact of creating an active community

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Solving Problems as a Community

There are big challenges that face our communities. People who feel like they belong will be more willing to contribute to the mission of the community
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Membership Growth and Retention

With people getting together more often, their bond to community is strong and people outside of the community will notice, making it an attractive place for others to join
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Investing Our Time, Talents, and Treasure

People will invest where they feel like they belong. As they create stronger relationships within the community, people will want to give back and support the community that has supported them

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